Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's published

Well, it's all done. The book is now available at Lulu's for order as a paperback as well as a free download if you want to read it on your screen. It has been a long journey to write this book (I started in February this year), have it proof read and my English dissected. It feels good to finally have made port with this project.

To download or order the paperback, please use the links to the right. Oh, and please comment, if you like the book, or if you don't...

Below on this site are still some chapters available as a preview. But please bear in mind that these are not proof read, spell checked or updated in any way - they are the first, unedited version.


Crealock said...

Dear Mr. Kuhn,

I have a blog, Online Novels,, with the names, descriptions and web addresses of several hundred free novels available on the internet; please let me know if I may include a link to your book, Gunboat Number 14.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Susan Crealock

jenku said...

Of course, you are welcome.