Monday, October 19, 2009

Background facts: The gunboats

If you are interested in the vessels used by the inshore fleet, and the gunboats like our dear Number 14, this site is a good resource. Unfortunately the author mistranslated the Swedish term "kanonslup" into "Gun Sloop" which isn't very accurate considering that in English, a sloop is a completely different kind of vessel (in the Royal Navy the term could be applied to all kinds of vessels up to the size of a corvette). Otherwise, the site does provide a good summary of the vessels and tactics of the inshore fleet (army fleet).

There are some models of Chapman type gunboats, for example in the maritime museum in Stockholm. The only good picture I have seen on the web, however, is of an early type, with the removable land artillery carriage.

The picture above, albeit not as good, shows the later type of gunboat, like the ones in my novel.

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